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Fencing Day: April 29, 2021

Chain Link: The Benefits of Vinyl Coating

When most home and business owners picture chain link fencing, they only see one thing. They imagine the plain grey braided fencing that is commonly found in backyards and for security fencing. However, chain link

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Fence Security: Do I Need Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire is a common addition to commercial fencing for an added sense of security. It can be used for outdoor showrooms such as boating, RV, or car lots. And, in some rural communities, it

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Wood Fencing: Paint vs Stain

Wood fencing is popular throughout the Tampa Bay area. The simple, natural look stands the test of time and is ideal for privacy fencing. While wood fencing comes with some special maintenance considerations, it is

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Top Reasons to Choose a Local Fence Company

There are hundreds of options when choosing a contractor for home improvement projects. Many of the chain home improvement stores offer installation services as well as materials to get the job done as quickly as

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Three Reasons to Choose a Custom Fence

At FloriFence, we offer a variety of options for fencing, from simple and affordable solutions to fully custom designs. While we understand that each of our customers’ needs is different, we always recommend a degree

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4 Things to Look for in a Commercial Fence

Adding a fence to commercial property can be a big and daunting task for facility owners or managers. However, having that added privacy and security is well worth the investment. You can make the installation

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Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay

Many Florida residents move here to enjoy a beautiful waterfront view from their own backyard. Or, even if you choose a home further inland, Tampa and St. Petersburg neighborhoods are typically not too far from

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