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What to Expect if You Need Your Old Fence Removed

If fencing is installed correctly, it can last upward of 10 to 20 years. However, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced, and this is not the same as building a fence from scratch. FloriFence specializes in fence replacement and can guide you through a hassle-free process. This is what you should expect if you are planning to replace your current fencing:

Contacting the utility company

Even if you are planning to replace the existing fence exactly as it is, you’ll want to contact the utility company to ensure you don’t hit any power or water lines in the replacement process. This will save you from liability and will keep you safe from unwanted plumbing and electrical problems. 

Upgrading your materials

Your fencing contractor may suggest upgrading your fencing material to something more sturdy if you had issues with the last fencing. Wood and chain link are affordable options but oftentimes need to be replaced more quickly than vinyl and aluminum. If you are looking to install a more durable privacy fence or something to keep the kids and pets safer, you might want to look into alternative fencing options. 

Extra installation time

For new fence installation, the company prep work is very simple. We provide onsite consultation and require some upfront prep work, but there is no fencing to remove and no issues to fix from improper or outdated fence installations from the past. With a fencing replacement, there may be issues we need to address before the installation can begin. Expect a longer installation time of up to a week or two for fencing replacements. 

Replacing an old fence may seem like a hassle, but working with FloriFence will make it that much easier. To learn more about our fencing installation services and options, contact us today!

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