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Wood Fencing

Bringing natural beauty and reliability to your business or residential property

FloriFence uses premium wood sourcing for our wooden fence options. This is a popular choice due to its natural beauty, durability and affordability.

1-Year Warranty on Wood Fence Installation

We offer a 1-year service warranty guaranteeing our installation for all of our wood fencing projects. Our Labor warranty covers any issues that are due to installation malfunctions or errors.

Expert Installation of wood fencing

We offer wood fence design and installation consultation to help you find the right choice of wood and style. Our professional crews will make sure that you are fully satisfied with your new fence.

High-Quality uSA grown wood materials

We source the finest USA grown wood materials available so you are assured of a solid well constructed fence.


Wood Fences are A customizable solution.

Wood fences can blend in and perfectly match the elevations of your landscape, adding the unique aesthetic of classic wood fencing to your property. 

require Little Maintenance over time.

Both Stain and painted fences require maintenance over time. It is recommended that you have your wood fence refreshed with a protective coating every couple years.

neighborhood & highway noise Reduction

As an added benefit, wood fencing natural make-up offers a certain degree of noise reduction that is perfect for a residential property that are close to highways or busy streets..

Wood withstands Florida weather extremes.

Our treated wooden fencing is very durable and can with stand year round Florida weather elements like it’s constant extreme sun, humidity, and heat offering security and curb appeal.


Since our FDOT certified american made wood fencing materials can be recycled when it needs to be replaced, it is an eco-friendly option for residential and commercial customers.


Fencing Product for Commercial & Residential Sales & Installation

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