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Wood Fencing: Paint vs Stain

Wood fencing is popular throughout the Tampa Bay area. The simple, natural look stands the test of time and is ideal for privacy fencing. While wood fencing comes with some special maintenance considerations, it is overall a very popular choice for its beautiful appearance and affordability. However, you can minimize the maintenance needs of wood … Continue reading Wood Fencing: Paint vs Stain

Fun Fence Facts

For many homeowners, fencing is a stagnant and oftentimes unnoticed part of their property. However, at FloriFence, our passion is fencing. Our staff knows everything there is to know about this construction material and find joy in building a quality fence that is built to last. We believe that fencing can be fun, and wanted … Continue reading Fun Fence Facts

The History of Fencing

Fencing is something many home and business owners take for granted. It is not often the most important part of a property, but it serves a great purpose that has not always been so easy to obtain in the past. The history of fencing is part of the struggle of humanity to survive.  Fences were … Continue reading The History of Fencing


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