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Aluminum Fencing

Florifence Elegant fencing at an affordable price

If looking for an elegant fence design for your home or business that still offers security and durability, an aluminum fence may be the perfect solution. FloriFence offers a wide selection of ornamental aluminum fences that meet your needs without exceeding your budget. 

1-Year Warranty on Aluminum Fence Installations

We offer a 1-year service warranty guaranteeing our installation for all of our Aluminum fencing projects. Our Labor warranty covers any issues that are due to installation malfunctions or errors.

Expert Installation of aluminum fencing

At FloriFence, we’re with you every step of the way in designing and installing your new fence. Our Fencing Experts will help you choose the right materials, design, and install with no hassles on your schedule.

High-Quality uSA made fences and acessories

All of our aluminum materials are manufactured in the U.S for all of our fencing projects.


It’s a fully customizable solution.

FloriFence offers fully-customizable aluminum fencing options for our residential clients. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and fence toppers to make your fencing stand out from the crowd.

Little to No Maintenance product.

Aluminum is also desirable because it requires little to no maintenance. It will retain its color over time, and typically does not need to be washed or repaired except in the case of serious damage.

Aluminum Fencing wont rust over time.

Unlike iron fencing, aluminum won’t rust over time. This is especially important for Florida homeowners that need fencing which will last through the rainy season and the extreme humidity. 

Powder Coating is available with floriFence.

Among our customizable options, powder coating for aluminum is one of our most popular. This gives an even, striking appearance that won’t fade over time. 


While most people may not think of aluminum as the “eco-friendly” fencing option, it is oftentimes made from recycled aluminum. Plus, most aluminum fencing can be recycled again once it needs to be replaced. This makes it the most eco-friendly option in comparison to chain link or vinyl.


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