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Wood Fencing: Paint vs Stain

Wood fencing is popular throughout the Tampa Bay area. The simple, natural look stands the test of time and is ideal for privacy fencing. While wood fencing comes with some special maintenance considerations, it is overall a very popular choice for its beautiful appearance and affordability. However, you can minimize the maintenance needs of wood with a fresh coat of paint or protective stain. 

So, which is better for your home — a painted wooden fence or a stained one? Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you make the decision that’s right for you: 

The Benefits of Wood Paint

Painting wood offers the greatest variety of color, and can often hide green or yellow discolorations in low-cost treated woods. 

  • Adds a protective layer to your wood to prevent water damage, warping, and aesthetic issues after years of use
  • Provides a thicker initial coat than stains
  • Offers a greater variety of color options

The Drawbacks

While painting wood fences is a great DIY project, it is not suitable for all fences. 

  • Paint will chip and crack over time, requiring more touch-ups than a stain
  • To repair, you must sand away the initial paint coat and reapply entirely
  • Paint cause some damage to expensive natural woods like cedar

The Benefits of Stained Wood

A stained fence will highlight the wood’s natural beauty and provide richness to its color. It is also easier to reapply over time, leading to less maintenance time overall. 

  • Adds a protective sealant to prevent warping and water damage
  • Has a more natural look than paint, and a richer tone than untreated wood
  • Will soak into the wood more than paint, which will provide a longer treated look
  • Is easier to reapply because you do not have to remove the initial staining layer 

The Drawbacks

While staining is a beautiful sealant option, it cannot provide all of the benefits of painting.

  • Fewer color options
  • Will not typically hide discolorations in cheaper wood
  • Does not apply as well to treated woods

The team at FloriFence can help you make the right choice for your custom fencing installation. To learn more about fence stain and paint options, contact our office!

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