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Chain Link: The Benefits of Vinyl Coating

When most home and business owners picture chain link fencing, they only see one thing. They imagine the plain grey braided fencing that is commonly found in backyards and for security fencing. However, chain link comes in several varieties to add aesthetic and practical benefits to the installation. Vinyl coating for chain link is becoming increasingly popular for these reasons: 


Vinyl coating prevents corrosion that is the leading cause of deterioration over time. Most chain-link will corrode over time due to rain and weather damage. With a vinyl coating, your fence can last years or decades longer. 

Aesthetic appeal

When you choose a vinyl coating for chain link, you open the doors to several different color options. Vinyl coating comes in black, brown, green, white, and custom color options to suit your home or business needs. The protective coating will also help the fencing to retain a new and clean look throughout the years. 

Higher quality

Adding a protective layer to your chain link adds to its value, which in turn will add to your property value. A vinyl-coated fence will look better and will attract buyers in the future as opposed to a plain chain link. Plus, the added layer reduces maintenance needs.

We highly recommend choosing a vinyl-coated chain link for both residential and commercial fencing. To learn more about your options, contact FloriFence today! We are premier fencing installation specialists in the Tampa area and will do everything in our power to make your next fencing project as easy as possible. 

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