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FloriFence’s Tampa location offers a full range of fencing services from manufacturing & installation of fencing to fencing product distribution.

FloriFence™ is a full service fencing company with over 25 years of experience in Fencing manufacturing, installation and distribution in the Tampa and Midwest Florida area. Our experienced teams are trained in the newest state-of-the-art technologies and the finest materials materials which allow FloriFence to manufacture the premium fencing product that FloriFence is recognized for by their residential and commercial customers.


Your trusted supplier and installer of residential and commercial fencing and gates in the Florida Mid-west region!

Each year, we complete thousands of feet of fencing projects in and around the Tampa and Midwest Florida area. With each project, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in each and every fencing project, and we work hard to exceed your expectations, this is why we install the highest quality of fencing material and offer a one-year warranty on our craftsmanship.

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Florifence Fencing Custom Installation Sales
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With you every step of the installation process

3 Easy Steps to ordering, installing or repairing your new or existing fence with FloriFence.


Talk to us about your project.

It's as easy as letting us know your fencing needs, whether it's a new fencing for your home or business, or you need repairs...let's talk.


Let us find the best solutions.

We will work with your project needs & scope, we will recommend the materials and a budget that works for for your new or existing fence.


Materials, Schedule, Install.

Once we order the materials, we will schedule your install or repair to make sure that project will be completed in a timely manner!


FloriFence manufacture our custom fencing in our Tampa facilities with USA made materials.

Our experienced staff manufactures and assembles our custom fencing in our Tampa facilities with USA made materials on location for each of our customers and projects. 

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Florifence Fencing Services Custom Vert Manufacturing


Our staff knows that every piece of fencing that leaves our facilities needs to be perfect!

Our well trained staff understands the importance of fine detail and is committed to high-quality output and care for each piece of fencing that comes through our doors and out to our customers. From inspecting each and every rail to making sure there is a perfect fit in assembly, our team assures that you are getting the quality and workmanship you expect from FloriFence!

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We do all the custom finishing and design in-house, ready to be assembled at the job site.

Our facilities are set up for a variety of custom work for anything our customers are looking for or can dream up! Our powder coating and oven area is ready to apply custom colors along with resistance to Florida weather. Our water-jet and laser-jet systems allow us to offer most any design, logo or pattern into a variety substrate materials for fencing projects. We invite you to visit our gallery to preview some of our designs at our Tampa Showroom.

Florifence Fencing Services Custom Vert WaterJet
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Florifence Fencing Services Custom Vert Installation

Need specific fencing products? FloriFence can get it.

Not only are we a leader in manufacturing and installing fences in the Florida midwest region, we also are a distributor. Our spacious facilities and on-hand stock availability allows us to be a major fencing wholesale supplier and distristribution center for our commercial customers.

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Florifence Fencing Services Custom Vert Distribution


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