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Why And Where To Install an Arbor Entrance 

FloriFence may specialize in fencing, but we love to see all types of hardscapes to improve curb appeal. One of our favorite additions is a garden arbor, seamlessly installed to match your FloriFence wooden or aluminum fence. However, finding the right design and size for your arbor can be tricky, which is why we’ve compiled some tips to help you choose wisely. 

Why add an arbor entrance to your yard

Arbors are open entrances to gardens and courtyards, typically with a small arch to create a doorway-like entrance outside. These additions to landscaping can elevate the outdoor experience and create a unique atmosphere for your home or commercial space. You may be interested in building an arbor if: 

  • You want to create a unique entrance to your garden
  • You want easy access from your indoor to outdoor space without the use of gates
  • You want to adorn walkways within your garden or courtyard space 
  • You want to provide areas of shade within your landscaping
  • You want to create an ideal photo space for your park or venue

The best placements for arbors

An arbor is typically seen as an entrance to another area of your landscaping or a transitional element from indoors to outdoors. They are also used in venue spaces for wedding decor, and often feature climbing vines and trellis when placed near garden space. However, they can also be used like pergolas to provide slight shade and a beautiful adornment for benches or other seating.

Matching your arbor to your fencing

If you plan to install an arbor instead of a traditional gate, it’s important to match the style to your fencing. Wood fencing looks great with arbor entrances, but these can be more difficult to maintain if you want climbing vines and foliage near your arbor. You can also match arbors with aluminum fencing for a sophisticated yet rustic look. 

FloriFence is here to help you design your outdoor landscape from beginning to end. Contact us today to learn about your fencing options to match your garden arbors.

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