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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your New Fence Installation

For the avid home improvement DIYer, fencing may seem like the perfect project. It can be completed within a few days, isn’t prohibitively expensive, and when pre-cut material is chosen, doesn’t require any special tools. However, there are several reasons why doing a DIY installation on your fence is a risky move. 

Choosing a contractor may seem like the more expensive and time-consuming route, but there are several things to consider about your fence installation that don’t include the labor costs. Before you start a DIY fence project, consider these advantages to hiring a professional: 

You’ll have more material options with a contractor. 

DIY fencing is typically limited to wood or pre-assembled vinyl since it is the easiest to install by yourself. However, when working with a professional, you’ll have access to a wide range of fencing materials from chain link and aluminum to wrought iron, galvanized steel, and more. 

You can fully customize your fence. 

A DIY installation limits your design choices to what you can accomplish with tools at home. However, if you work with a fencing contractor, you can customize your gate, fence toppers, cut, and even the paint options. FloriFence offers powder coating for certain fence types, which offers a longer-lasting customizable color as opposed to painting. 

Your installation will be faster.

If you’re DIYing your fence, you’ll likely be working by yourself or with a lone helper. However, when you hire FloriFence, you’ll have a team of experienced contractors who will seamlessly install your fence in a matter of days, from consultation to finalization. 

You’ll have a service guarantee.

If you embark on a DIY installation, you’ll be accountable for every aspect of the installation. If you’re confident, you may not be worried about long-term repairs or troubleshooting, but if you’ve never installed a fence before, it’s a relief to have a service guarantee. FloriFence offers a one-year service guarantee that covers minor repairs and alterations on your fence if something was missed in the initial install. This can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

If you’re interested in installing a new fence on our property, give FloriFence a call to learn about your options. We provide fast, affordable, and quality installations that you’ll be proud to have on your property for years to come. Give us a call today to get started!

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