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The Cost of Automatic Fence Gates

Automatic fence gates are one of the best additions to your home or commercial property. For businesses, they provide an added layer of security and simplicity for managing your parking lots and unloading areas. For homes, they can elevate your everyday experience and keep your entire property safe from intruders. While we highly recommend automatic gates for the property owner who’s ready to upgrade, they can be pricey depending on the type you choose. 

2021 Automatic Fence Gate Cost

A typical automatic driveway gate costs anywhere between $500 and over $10,000, with an average of $2,500 to $5,000

This cost includes the installation of both the gate and the automatic gate opener kit, including remote controls and installation costs. While the gate itself won’t be expensive, installing an automatic system that works with your specific fence’s design can become pricey depending on the size, weight, material, and style of the gate.

Why Install An Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are often viewed as a luxury, but they have several practical applications for a home or commercial property:

  • To protect both front and back yards with a fence without blocking the driveway
  • To add a stylistic flair to your property
  • To save on car and home insurance with a secured property
  • To keep kids and pets safe while playing in the yard or by the pool

Automatic fence gates make every part of managing your property easy. They help keep your home safe, and protect commercial property from theft or vandalism without inconveniencing visitors and employees. 

How To Choose an Automatic Gate

Typically, the gate is installed during the fence installation and the automatic gate opener is installed afterward. The gate itself is the first priority and should be selected based on its suitability for your property. Once the gate is installed with the rest of the fence, you can determine what type of automatic gate opener is right for you. 

Most gates either slide or swing but cannot do both, so it’s important to choose a system that works for your fence. The weight of the gate, its placement, and the width of the gate will also determine what type of automatic gate opener you need. Talk to someone at your local home improvement store or your FloriFence contractor to receive specific recommendations for brands and types of gate openers. 

FloriFence wants you to have an optimized gate for your home or business. To learn more about fence designs that incorporate automatic gates, contact us today.

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