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Best Wood To Use For Fences in Florida

Wood fencing is one of the most popular options for suburban areas and rural homes in Central Florida. These simple, natural fences look great in all applications and can stand the test of time when treated properly. However, having a wood fence in Florida poses certain challenges. 

Florida is prone to a wet and windy summer, which means you need a fencing material that is durable and resistant to water damage. If you live on the waterfront, you also need a wood that won’t decay due to exposure to saltwater. Finding the perfect wood fence for your budget can be tricky, which is why we offer several opinions for every home type: 

Pressure-Treated Pine

Pressure treated pine is the most affordable, and therefore most common wood type for fencing. Made of Southern Yellow Pine, this fence material is treated with chemicals to make it resistant to bugs and water damage.  However, it is the least durable type of wood fencing, and needs regular maintenance in order to extend its service life. 


Southern Cypress is typically considered the “luxury” wood option for Florida homes. This naturally pest-resistant wood has a beautiful rustic tan color and is popular for residential buildings. It can also resist rot and water damage on its own, unlike pine which must be treated. The only downside to cypress is its cost — on average it is twice as expensive as pine. 

Red Cedar

Cedar is rare in Florida since it must be imported, but it is one of the nicest wood types you can get for your fencing. Cedar has a beautiful color, is pest- and rot-resistant, and is one of the most environmentally-friendly fencing options available. It doesn’t have to be chemically treated or dried and will outlast most other wood fence types. After 10 years, you can really tell the difference between cedar and pine, as the cedar will still look nearly brand new while pine will have visible signs of fading and aging. Cedar is often the most expensive option for homeowners but may be worth the cost for a fence that can last decades. 

FloriFence offers plenty of options for homeowners to choose the best wood type for their fence. To learn more about wood and other material options, contact our offices today!

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