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Will My Fence Stand Up To Hurricane-Force Winds?

2020 and 2021 have been especially difficult for Florida residents. Many of us are still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and though our economy in Florida is rapidly growing, we’re not out of the woods yet. It has been an especially rainy summer with several hurricanes and tropical storms brewing in the Gulf. For most property owners, this is troublesome news. The potential for major property damage is high during the summer in Florida. 

If you’ve recently installed a new fence with us, you may be concerned about its ability to withstand hurricane-force winds. Luckily, all FloriFence products are installed to withstand both wind and rain as long as the fence is properly maintained. While this is not a guarantee — fences can be damaged from falling debris and storm surge in addition to wind — most fencing will withstand tropical storms and small hurricanes. Below are our tips and guidelines for different types of fencing: 

  • Wood fencing – Wood fencing is very sturdy, and can therefore withstand even high-speed winds during summer storms. Most of the damage to wood fencing during a hurricane happens from swinging gates and falling trees. If you want to protect your wood fence, be sure to secure your gates with 2”x4” boards. 
  • Vinyl fencing – Vinyl fencing, like wood, can withstand hurricane-force winds if properly installed. However, the gates can easily come loose and cause damage if they swing uncontrollably in the wind. Therefore, we recommend removing the gates or securing them tightly with a bungee cord to prevent this from happening. You may also want to remove post caps to prevent them from flying off in the wind. 
  • Aluminum fencing – Unfortunately, aluminum fencing is less secure than wood or vinyl fencing in the face of a hurricane. It is lightweight and therefore more easily blown over by winds or falling debris. However, that doesn’t mean that your fencing won’t stand up to the storms. You can protect it by securing the gates with bungee cords and placing sandbags alongside the fence to prevent the wind from uprooting it. 
  • Chain link fencing – Chain link may surprisingly be the most hurricane-resistant fencing option for home and business owners. Because it isn’t solid, the wind doesn’t create any resistance — it simply moves through the fence. However, chain link can be damaged by falling debris, so be sure to trim dead tree branches and secure any loose hardscape or patio furniture on your property.  

If you have questions about your specific fencing installation, contact us today! We are happy to help you prepare for the stormy season and give your fence its best chance against hurricane-force winds. 

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