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Will Cicadas Damage Wood Fencing?

Most of us in the city of Tampa or Clearwater don’t have to worry about cicadas, but if you live in a suburban or rural part of Central Florida, you likely know about the mayhem that these bugs can cause. Luckily for Floridians, we don’t experience the swarms of cicadas that occur once every 15-20 years, but there are plenty of native species that are just as loud and frightening along the coast. 

Cicadas are known for their loud buzzing and large exoskeletons that they shed. Typically, they burrow into trees to lay their eggs, which can be a cause for concern for homeowners near wooded areas. If you have seen cicadas near your Florida home, you likely have questions about protecting your wood hardscape and fencing. 

Why do cicadas burrow into trees?

Most cicada species can be found burrowing into trees during their mating season, which can be a cause for concern for homeowners in rural or wooded areas. The insects do this to lay their eggs and occasionally feed on tree sap. While they are not typically a pest, they can overwhelm some wooded areas and cause tree decay if overpopulated. 

Will cicadas damage my fence?

Luckily, cicadas can tell the difference between trees and wooden fencing or home building materials, and will not burrow into your fence for food or safety. You may find cicada exoskeletons on your fence, but this does not mean that they are there to feast on your fence. Most cicadas will land on fencing to shed their exoskeletons and then be on their way to the trees where they can find more permanent homes. 

What can I do to protect my fence from bugs?

While you won’t need to protect your wood fencing from cicadas, you should take care to prevent damage from insects in general by using paint or sealant on all wood fencing. Even wood types that are pest-resistant such as cedar or pressure-treated pine still need protective layers in order to keep pests away. This is especially important if you have carpenter ants, carpenter bees, or termites in your area. 

FloriFence offers a variety of pest-resistant fencing materials for Florida homes. If you’re interested in learning about different kinds of pest-resistant woods and other fencing types, give us a call today!

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