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Why Should I Consider Powder Coated Fencing?

FloriFence offers professional powder coating services of aluminum, and metal fencing. But why? Many of our customers see that we offer powder coating, but don’t yet know the advantages of this color application. Below is information about the process, effects, and advantages of powder coating in contrast to traditional painting.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the process of applying a special color sealant to your aluminum, or metal fencing. Instead of applying paint with a paintbrush, the fence is sprayed with electrostatically charged powder. This powder adheres to the fencing surface, which is then heated to melt and smooth the finish. This creates a seamless, shiny coating that acts as both color and sealant for your fencing.

What Are The Benefits Of Powder Coating Your Fence?

Powder coating may seem unnecessary if you have a can of paint at home, but the benefits of this method over traditional painting are numerous:

  • Powder coating does not release toxic chemicals into the air, making it safer and more environmentally conscious.
  • Powder coating is a much faster process than painting by hand, and the result looks more professional.
  • Because the powder coating creates a chemical bond to the fencing surface, it is much smoother and will last longer than an external layer of paint.
  • The powder coating adds a protective layer as well as a color. Because it won’t chip away, it will better protect your fence than paint.
  • Powder coating is water-resistant, which means your fencing won’t rust over time
  • Because powder coating will last longer than paint, therefore reducing maintenance and enhancing curb appeal.

FloriFence recommends powder coating for most fences because of the maintenance and longevity benefits. This service is surprisingly affordable as well and a smart long-term investment for the value of your fencing. To learn more about our powder coating services, contact FloriFence today!

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