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Why Build A Fence Around Your Pool

Pools are very common additions to Florida homes. We experience beautiful weather throughout the year and can enjoy swimming virtually all year round. Even if you live close to the waterfront, having a pool in your backyard gives you the option to enjoy swimming on a summer’s day without the crowds, sand, and other hassles of a beach day. 

If you currently have a pool or are looking to install one, you should strongly consider adding a fence to the area. Fencing for backyards with pools is not only required in some communities but is advantageous for many reasons. Below are just a few of the reasons you should always install a fence for a yard with a pool: 

A safer place to swim

The primary purpose of a pool fence is to protect children, pets, and those who cannot swim from getting involved in a pool-related accident. By adding a fence and child-proof gate, you can prevent anyone from going in unless you are there to supervise. This keeps everyone in your home, including guests, safe from pool accidents and injuries. 

Fencing adds privacy

If you have a private pool, you likely don’t want others watching you swim and sunbathe. Some may be uncomfortable in a bathing suit, while others may simply want to enjoy swimming without the wandering eyes of neighbors and passers-by in the neighborhood. A privacy fence in your yard ensures that only you and your guests get to enjoy the pool. 

Lower insurance premiums

Some insurance companies require pool fencing, while others may offer discounts if you install a fence around your pool for safety. This can add up and make it well worth the investment of a pool fence. 

Reduced pool maintenance

Most people use pool covers or a cleaning system to keep their pool cleaned, but many homeowners still complain about the upkeep of residential pools. Adding a fence can help reduce unwanted dirt and debris from entering your pool area. Children and pets will be less likely to track in dirt, and fewer large pieces of debris will make their way into the pool with adequate fencing. 

Pool fencing is an all-around great addition to your home. FloriFence can help you design the ideal fencing for your yard that will keep everybody safe and reduce pool maintenance. We also offer commercial pool fencing services for parks, recreation centers, and more. TO learn more about your pool fencing options contact FloriFence today!

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