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Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Install a New Fence

Autumn is a beautiful time in Florida. The weather is finally cooling off, which means that more of the locals are excited to spend time outside and enjoy the waning days of summer. The closer we get to true fall, the more fencing projects we typically want to take on. Why is that? This guide will tell you exactly why now is the time to begin your fencing project:

Your installation will go more smoothly and quickly. 

Summertime is actually our busiest time of year at FloriFence. Because the kids are out of school and want to spend time outside, we see families wanting to invest in fencing that will keep them safe. Summer is also generally a popular time to start home improvement projects, which means that permit offices and contractors are especially busy. 

If you begin your fencing project in the fall, you won’t be competing for a contractor’s time with everyone else in the neighborhood. You can also get permits more quickly and will generally have a better opportunity to build your fence on your schedule. 

You might find discounts on materials. 

As the busy season for fencing ends, you might be able to get discounts on lumber or other materials. This doesn’t always happen, but it can depending on how busy the particular year or region is. You may also find lower prices for certain contractors because they are not working overtime in the summer heat. During the fall we are able to accomplish more, which means you can often receive discounts on labor if you time your installation correctly. 

You’ll be prepared for winter.

In the wintertime, many pet owners and parents don’t want to venture outside for recreation. By fencing in your yard, you can let the dog or the kids play outside safely, while you supervise from inside. This is a great alternative to going out on a particularly chilly day to the park. Plus, when the weather heats back up in the spring, you’ll be prepared and won’t have to compete with next year’s summer rush. 
Autumn is just around the corner — don’t wait to schedule your fencing installation with FloriFence! You can call us today to schedule your consultation.

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