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Why Are Fence Prices In Tampa Rising

Like many industries, fence installation companies have been raising their prices steadily since late 2021. Amidst raw material issues, factory restrictions, and labor shortages, many consumer goods are seeing price increases at steady rates. But, how does this affect the Tampa area fencing and construction industry? In this article, we’ll explore the different reasons for price increases across the county, state, and nation, as well as what you should do about your upcoming fence installation. 

Supply Issues Related to COVID-19

Throughout Florida and across the U.S., construction materials including fencing are seeing steady price increases. Though Florida does not currently have COVID-19 related restrictions, many out-of-state suppliers are still struggling with manufacturing and tansport delays, social dstancing protocols, and other issues.  This is not only an issue within the U.S., but with international suppliers of wood, aluminum, and vinyl. 

However, COVID-19 isn’t the only supply issue experienced in the U.S. Severe weather including freezes and hurricanes have disrupted Texas’ lumber and oil production.This has therefore slowed down production of vinyl and wood fencing supplies, as vinyl is petroleum based and produced domestically in areas like Texas where oil is readily available. 

Because of these many supply issues, Florida fencing contractors and construction teams in general are having difficulty getting supplies. You may find some fencing options out of stock, while others have steadily increasing prices nationwide. While this may not be a concern forever, it is something that those with upcoming fence projects need to consider.

Should I Buy a Fence Now or Wait?

With prices increasing a rapidly increasing rate, many home or business owners are asking, “Should I go through with my fencing project, or should I wait for prices to go back down?” The answer depends entirely on the reason for your fence installation, and what materials you are using to build it. If your fence is being installed to solve a problem, such as an intrusion or to keep pets in the yard, we do not recommend waiting, as you may be waiting for a long time. 

Estimates say that prices across construction industries will continue to rise throughout 2022, with great uncertainty as to when they may go back down. If your fence is being built for practical purposes, or if you’re using a metal material, we recommend installing it now before prices get even higher. If your fence is solely for ornamental value and is being constructed with wood or vinyl, it may be wise to wait. However, there are no guarantees for when prices will go back down, so be careful before cancelling your fence installation. 

At FloriFence, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible for customers. We never sacrifice on quality, and strive to give you the best materials and service for an affordable rate. If you’re interested in our current pricing or ways to save on your fence installation, contact us today.

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