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Which vines are safe for my fence?

Privacy fences are incredibly useful, but they’re not always the most beautiful element on your property. Even expensive wrought iron or beautifully stained wood fencing can look plain in contrast to a full garden or landscaped backyard. However, homeowners have the option to grow climbing vines on their fencing for a natural, privacy-enhancing feature.

However, not all vines are safe or practical for fencing. Some will grow too quickly, while others can be dangerous if you come into contact with them. Below are three of the most popular vines to grow in Florida that will love your fencing:

Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is one of the most popular vines for fencing because of its intoxicating aroma. The seasonal blooms are sweet and inviting, and the vine will grow around your fencing without overpowering it. This vine is ideal for aluminum fencing and some wood fences.

Coral honeysuckle

Honeysuckle vines are just as aromatic as jasmine and have bright orange and golden blooms. These vines are ideal for the avid gardener or birdwatcher, because they will attract hummingbirds and butterflies when in bloom. Coral honeysuckle is also able to withstand the intense Florida heat, which makes it perfect for Tampa Bay area homeowners.

Climbing hydrangeas

Climbing hydrangeas are delicate vines with beautiful white flowers that will cover your fencing. They are easy to grow in Florida and add a romantic ambiance to your yard or porch area. Be careful, however, because these vines can easily overpower your fencing if left untrimmed.

Be careful when choosing your vines to ensure they are not invasive or toxic to pets. Some common vines, like wisteria, can be invasive species to Florida, which means they can grow and spread out of control if left unchecked. Other vines may be toxic to children or pets and should be used with caution for some homeowners.

If you have more questions about including your fencing in gardening projects, contact the FloriFence team today!

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