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When to Stain Pressure Treated Wood Fencing

At FloriFence, we receive many requests for pressure-treated wood fencing. Even if our customers don’t request this type of wood for their fence, we often suggest it because of the longevity and improved appearance of pressure-treated wood to untreated wood. However, this lumber has special care needs that must be addressed at the time of installation. Read on to learn about the unique advantages of pressure-treated wood, and how to properly stain it to further improve its appearance and durability. 

Why choose pressure-treated wood?

Pressure-treated wood undergoes a process by which chemicals are coated and then forced through the wood fibers via a pressure system. These chemical preservatives help the wood to last longer, resist mold, and even deter termite damage. In many cases, pressure-treated wood can last 40 years or more. This doubles the maximum lifespan of untreated wood and reduces the maintenance needs of your wood fence.  

Why stain your pressure-treated wood?

Most consumers stain their wood to improve its natural appearance and to protect it from water and termite damage. You may wonder, “Do I need to stain my fence if it’s pressure-treated?” The answer is no, you don’t need to, but staining opens up hundreds of options for fence color and can further protect it from damage. Stains give your fencing an evergreen appearance and can enhance the natural wood grain of your fence while deepening its color. 

How long should I wait? 

You should not paint or stain your pressure-treated wood right away, but rather wait for it to mature so it will better absorb the stain. Typically, we recommend waiting six months after installation to stain your wood. This will ensure the chemical treatment process is finished and that none of the stains becomes absorbed into the fence while it is fully drying. You should talk to your FloriFence contractor before applying a stain to ensure your fence is ready for treatment. 

Pressure-treated wood is highly recommended for any wood fence application. Talk to your FloriFence team today to learn more about your options and how to get started on a wood fence project today!

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