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When to Replace Your Fence

With proper maintenance, fencing can typically last from 10 to 20 years, depending on the material. A wooden fence will last around 10 years if it is properly sealed and if regular maintenance is performed to prevent rot and termite damage. Vinyl and aluminum fencing can make it past the 20-year mark if it is maintained as well. However, at some point, old fencing will need to be replaced. How do you know when yours has reached that point?

At FloriFence, we look for these three signs to tell whether a fence should be replaced or if it can be cleaned and repaired to its original state. If you notice these signs, it’s time to call us for a consult:

More than 20 percent of the panels need repair. 

A general rule of thumb in fencing construction is that if 20 percent or more of the panels will need to be replaced, it’s cheaper to replace the entire fencing. If only a few panels are damaged you can get away with a replacement. However, if 20 percent or more of the fence is damaged, you’ll have a hard time matching the material exactly and may as well tear down the entire fence and start fresh. This may even be the cheaper option in some cases because you won’t have to special order matching materials that have gone out of stock. 

The fence is leaning or sagging to one side. 

A fence that leans is unstable and needs to be replaced in most cases. This means that the posts are not properly set in the ground anymore, and it is unlikely that you can repair a few panels and fix the underlying issue. Chain link that sags after a tree branch or other object falls on it is unlikely to regain its original structure. If your fence leans or sags, it is much easier to replace rather than repair. 

You see major insect damage. 

It’s possible to repair the affected areas, but it’s likely that the insects will return. It is better, in this case, to replace the fencing with something that will repel the insects like vinyl or metal. Treated woods and some specific wood variants like cedar can in some cases deter pests, but we recommend vinyl or metal if possible to get rid of the pest problem entirely. 

Replacing a fence can be stressful, but we do our best to provide a fast and efficient service that improves the quality of your property. To learn more about our fencing installation services, contact FloriFence today!

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