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When to Install an Access Control Gate for Your Business

Access control gates make quite the impression at a residence, but offer real practical value for businesses of all types. By investing in an access control gate, you can protect your assets and facilitate a better guest experience. While these may increase the cost of your overall fence installation, they are well worth the effort for certain business types. 

If any of these conditions apply to your property, you may want to consider installing an access control gate to your property fence.  

If you’re managing a large parking lot. 

Just like parking garages, large parking lots should have automatic gates to control the flow of traffic and prevent congestion. This is an obvious feature if you have paid parking, but even free parking access should be controlled by a gate to ensure that traffic doesn’t become congested during busy days or weeks out of the year. 

If security is a top priority. 

If your business is not open to the public, or if you have had security risks in the past, an access control gate is a worthy investment. It can help you monitor who comes and goes from your facility and ensure that only employees have access to certain areas of our business. An automatic gate can also be retrofitted to your existing fence if you have recently had security issues. 

If you have limited open hours. 

If your business is closed for long periods of time with no one to watch the building, investing in a more secure gate and fencing system is always a good idea. These can keep unwanted visitors out of your parking lot, and can enhance the security measures on your property for a relatively affordable rate. 

FloriFence prioritizes safety and security for our commercial clients. If you’d like to learn more about our commercial fencing options as well as gate customization for your business, contact us today!

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