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When to Install an Access Control Gate for Your Apartment Complex

Access control gates are one of the most useful tools for a property’s security and privacy. If you own or manage a multifamily unit such as an apartment complex, you know how difficult it can be to control access as well as mitigate parking congestion. That is why FloriFence almost always recommends access control gates for any fenced-in apartment complex or multifamily property. 

An access control gate provides automatic opening, closure, and locking to prevent unauthorized visitors from driving through your parking lot. This can be very beneficial, especially if your apartment meets any of these criteria: 

Your apartments are located in a congested part of town. 

If your apartment complex is in an urban area, you will want to gate your parking lot or garage to ensure it isn’t mistaken for public parking. This will come in handy during holidays or local events, where parking will already be congested and people may be tempted to bend parking rules. Don’t allow your tenants to suffer – by installing an access control gate you can protect their right to park with ease. 

Your apartment complex caters to college students. 

College students are likely to have visitors over often, which means parking can get out of control quickly. By adding an access control gate, you can ensure that traffic is kept to a minimum and that no unauthorized visitors enter the facility. This is especially important on game days and other celebrations when friends, parents, and other visitors will be flooding campus-area apartments. 

Security is one of your selling points.

If you manage a high-end apartment complex and want to use security as a selling point to renters, an access control gate is a must. Fenced-in and gated communities often have lower crime rates and can charge higher rental prices than those without fencing. If this is important to your renters, make the investment now and see returns almost immediately. 

FloriFence helps businesses and commercial property owners use fencing to their advantage. If you are interested in modernizing your apartment complex with an access control gate, contact FloriFence today!

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