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When to Choose Aluminum Over Wrought Iron Fencing 

FloriFence carries a wide variety of metal fencing in our inventory, from simplistic aluminum and chain link to ornate steel and wrought iron fencing. Each of these is used for different applications and personal preferences, but we often prefer aluminum for residential fencing for several reasons.  

Aluminum, unlike wrought iron and other metals, is rust-resistant. This makes it much easier to care for, especially in Florida where we experience a long rainy season. While wrought iron is considered “classic” it requires extensive maintenance to prevent rusting and discoloration that aluminum simply does not.  

However, aluminum can trick almost any eye. It looks so similar to wrought iron when painted black that most people can’t tell the difference. If you’re considering a metal fence for your home or garden, ask yourself the following questions:  

Is aluminum sturdy enough for the application intended? 

One of the benefits of wrought iron over aluminum is that it is much heavier, and therefore somewhat more durable. If you are installing fencing on a commercial property or are concerned about long-term use, wrought iron may be preferable. However, aluminum is durable for everyday use and because it is much lighter, it is easier and faster to install.  

Where will my fencing be installed? 

If your fence will be installed anywhere close to a pool or natural body of water, aluminum is recommended. Wrought iron easily rusts and is not ideal for pool fencing. Aluminum, however, is naturally rust-resistant and won’t degrade due to water exposure even without maintenance.  

Is wrought iron required to preserve the historic style of the building? 

While many historic sites can use aluminum instead of wrought iron, you may prefer to stick to the original fencing when restoring a historic site. However, it’s important to know that aluminum is considered an appropriate replacement because of its ease of maintenance and visual similarity.  

If you are interested in metal fencing for your home or business, talk to FloriFence today to learn more about your options! 

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