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What’s The Right Fence Color For You?

FloriFence is a full-service fencing installation specialist, and for us, that means creating custom solutions that our clients love. However, many of them come to us looking for the simplest solution, not realizing that they have options other than plain wood and chain link for their fence. You may think that natural wood, metal, and white paint are your only fencing choices, but we offer a multitude of colors for all fencing types.

If you are interested in getting more creative with your fencing design, here are some of the most popular colors for Florida residential fencing: 


Gray fencing is becoming more popular especially in coastal areas. This cool color looks sophisticated and is similar to a traditional white but hides dirt much better. This color looks great with both coastal homes and more traditional cottages and even brick homes. 


Green fencing is becoming more trendy in waterfront properties and beach homes with blues and grays in the home color scheme. Neutral greens offer a more natural look and can add a bit of interest to your landscaping without becoming too gaudy. Choose a green that either complements your home’s colors or the natural greenery in your yard. 

Orange stains

If you have a wooden fence, you may consider a stain instead of paint for your wooden fence. Some stains for cedar fences will turn a slight orange tint which can be very trendy. If you add some navy decor, you can create a modern and unique look for your backyard decor. However, this color can become too bold for some, so be sure to test it on one panel before staining your entire fence. 

Before you choose a fencing color, however, you’ll need to check with your neighbors and the HOA. Your neighbors may not appreciate a trendy colored boundary fence, and some HOAs have fencing style requirements to ensure the neighborhood looks uniform. However, if you find a color you love, we encourage you to try it for your next fencing project! 

FloriFence provides powder coating for aluminum and vinyl as well as paints and stains for wood. To learn more about our custom fencing design services, contact our offices today!

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