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What You Can And Can’t Place Next to A Fence

When designing a fence, the layout of your landscaping is more important than you might imagine. There are certain things that should never be placed next to a fence, as they can cause maintenance or safety issues for you as a homeowner. If you’re looking to add to your backyard, there are a few things you should avoid adding to your fenceline: 

✅ Shrubs and flowers 

Fences are great backdrops for a variety of greenery, whether you’re installing a wooden, vinyl, or aluminum fence. Most flowers and shrubs can be grown close to your fence, but we recommend leaving a little space to make trimming and watering easier. You don’t want to water your plants too close to a wooden fence, or it may cause damage over time. 

🗙 Swimming pools or fountains

While fencing is required for swimming pools, it should be built with several yards of distance between them. Water from the pool can damage even waterproof fencing because of the chemicals used to clean and sanitize the water. The same can be true for fountains or ponds. To be safe, build any water structure several yeards away from any fence. 

✅ Climbing vines

Climbing vines such as honeysuckle and jasmine make great additions to vinyl or wooden fences. They can add a bit of natural cover to the fence without overpowering it. These blooms will also add a beautiful aroma to your backyard with very little effort or upkeep. 

🗙 Fast-growing vines and foliage

While climbing vines are a beautiful addition to some fences, certain vines can quickly overpower your fence and cause it to lean or sag over time. If you’re not committed to regular pruning of your vines, choose a different type of foliage to grow near your fence.

What About Other Fences?

If you don’t like your neighbor’s fence, you may be wondering if you can build your own right next to it. While this is an option for adjacent property owners, there are some considerations to make. You want to add enough space between the fences so that you and your neighbors can make repairs when necessary. If your neighbor’s fence has overgrowth, you also don’t want to build too close to it or the foliage may spread to your fence. 

If you have questions about landscaping or decorating with your newly installed fence, contact the FloriFence team today! We can help you design a backyard that will ensure the longevity of your fence for decades to come. 

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