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What Types of Wood Are Best for Fencing?

Wood fencing is one of the most popular fence options at FloriFence. Not only does this natural material look great for coastal homes, but it provides privacy and security in one package. Wood fencing can be used for pools, pets, privacy, and security fencing. Or, you can take advantage of our different design options and turn simple wood fencing into picket or lattice designs. 

While wood is a great choice for any Florida home, the type of wood you choose for your fence matters a lot. Below are the six best types of wood to use for your next fencing project:


Spruce is a very common wood type used for prefabricated fencings such as picket and lattice fence designs. Spruce is a more affordable lumber option that can be found at your local home improvement store or the FloriFence showroom. If you’re looking for a fast installation of your wooden fence, spruce is the way to go. 

Fir and Pine 

Fir and pine are also highly affordable options and are typically pressure-treated for longevity. When fir or pine is pressure treated, it is preserved with chemicals to help it resist mold and rot. These chemicals can also deter pests such as termites. This makes fir and pine fencing a long-lasting yet affordable option for many homes. 


Redwood is not a very common wood fencing option because it is one of the most expensive. Because redwood trees are very rare and costly to turn into lumber, many homeowners opt for reclaimed redwood instead for their fencing needs. While it is expensive, this beautiful wood option will make an aesthetic statement and can last for a long time with proper care. 

Cypress and cedar 

Cypress and cedar are the most popular wood fencing options in Florida and for good reason. These two types of wood contain natural pest repellants that make it easier to maintain these fences. Plus, they are often stained to prevent mold and rot which is a unique advantage in the humid Florida climate. Cypress is typically found in the southern United States, which makes this option more affordable in Florida than in other parts of the country. No matter which you choose, we can guarantee you’ll be happy with your cypress or cedar fencing. 

FloriFence specializes in wood fencing for Florida homeowners. If you would like to learn more about our different installation options, contact us today at 877-204-9569.

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