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What Types of Fencing Are Affected By Wind?

In Florida, we experience three types of extreme weather conditions during the dreaded hurricane season: wind, water, and intense heat. The summer brings temperatures exceeding 90℉ daily, while the annual storms bring extreme bouts of rain and wind. This is well-known to Florida homeowners, which is why most homes are built with these extreme conditions in mind. 

The exterior of your home should be built to protect itself from these three extreme conditions. While excessive rain and heat can be degrading to your home over time, there is nothing that causes more immediate damage than hurricane-force winds. 100+ mile/hour winds can cause trees to snap from the root; roofing to be stripped away; and otherwise sturdy structures to warp and collapse on themselves. 

Unfortunately, there is little you as a homeowner can do to prevent wind damage to your fencing. Solid privacy fences – such as those made of solid wood or vinyl – are most susceptible to wind damage. Because they cannot bend to the wind or let it pass through it is possible for strong winds to knock them down. 

In contrast, fencing such as aluminum and chain link is actually much better for preventing wind damage. Even though they may seem less sturdy, they can let the wind pass through, which makes them less likely to collapse. For homes in at-risk areas, we often recommend aluminum-style fencing for hurricane preparedness. 

If aluminum or chain link is not your style you can still install solid fencing for your Florida home. To prevent unnecessary wind damage, be sure to: 

  • Trim large trees near the fenceline to ensure they don’t fall onto the fence. 
  • Perform regular fence maintenance to identify weakening posts or panels in the fence. 
  • Ensure gates are secured prior to a storm to prevent the gate from opening and causing damage. 

FloriFence specializes in strong fencing for Florida homes that can withstand most Gulf storms. If you are interested in learning more about your fence options, contact us today!

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