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What Types of Fencing Are Affected By Heat?

Floridians are no strangers to intense heat during the summertime. With temperatures exceeding 90℉ for most of June to September, we get used to working around the heat in our daily lives. However, the summers here don’t just affect your outfits or AC bill. They also affect the exterior structures of the home. 

Intense heat can cause warping of wood panels, splintering, cracking, and more if your fencing is not protected properly. While it may seem far off now, you should start preparing for the summer season with these fence maintenance tips: 

  • Perform annual inspections on fencing to identify weakening fence posts and rails before they begin to crack or splinter. 
  • Retouch protecting coatings on fences to retain the integrity of your fence material.
  • Repaint or stain every few years to prevent color fading due to long hours of uninterrupted sunlight. 
  • Don’t wait to replace a broken fence! If you notice your fence is beginning to show visible signs of wear and tear, contact the FloriFence team to learn about repair and replacement costs. 

FloriFence helps clients find the best solutions for weatherproof fencing based on their location within the Tampa area. If you are interested in Florida-proof fencing, contact our team today for more details. 

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