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What to Do While Your Fence is Being Repaired or Replaced

For many homeowners’ fencing becomes an integral part of their home design. If your dogs are used to running free in the backyard, or your kids love their after-school play time outside, it can be a big adjustment to make while your fence is being replaced. If you are making a big change to your fence your yard might not be fully protected, which means you’ll have to be careful before letting kids or pets play unsupervised. A fence in the middle of repairs also won’t keep intruders or animals out of your yard, so you’ll need to keep a watchful eye. 

While most fence installations take no more than a week, it can be difficult to plan for the construction before it begins. While your fence is being reconstructed there are a few ways you can lessen the change your household will have to go through:

Install security cameras prior to installation.

While your fence is down, you may feel less safe on your property with no barriers from the outside world. This can be the perfect time, however, to install new security cameras so you can keep a watchful eye on the house. Security cameras are becoming a common staple in residential areas, so there is no better time to install them than before your current fence gets taken down. 

Plan for playtime in another location. 

If your dogs or kids are used to having regular outdoor time, you won’t want to completely take that away while your fence is being repaired. Plan a day or two to take them to a local park or a neighbor’s yard to play to ensure they still get the exercise they need. 

Allow supervised play time when the construction crew isn’t working. 

If your kids or dogs are able to stay within the bounds of the yard while supervised, allow some supervised play time before or after the construction crew arrives. While it won’t be safe for them to go outside while the FloriFence team is working, they can enjoy some play time in the early morning or evening. However, warn children to not go too close to the fence line during construction, as there may be safety hazards present until the job is complete. 

To learn more about how you can prepare for your upcoming fence renovation give us a call or visit our Resource Center.

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