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What To Do When Your Fencing is Damaged By A Storm

In South and Central Florida, we experience our fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms. These major events can wreak havoc on the infrastructure, and oftentimes major repairs are needed for our customers. Unfortunately, fencing is usually one of the first things to go. If your fencing is damaged in any Florida storm, here is what you need to do: 

Assess the damage

It’s important to first assess the damage when it is safe to do so. Be careful around splintered or cracked fence posts as these can cause injury. You will want to identify any damaged area that renders the fence unusable and remove it right away. Then, you can begin looking for minor damages such as warping, splintering, and or paint damage. 

Remove loose or broken posts

Once you’ve marked off all areas where your fencing is damaged, you can begin removing any posts or sections that need replacement. This may mean that your fencing will not be effective for protecting pets and children, so you should make other arrangements for outside play during this time. The sooner you remove broken areas of fencing, however, the sooner you can begin repairing your fence. 

If more than 20% of fencing is lost, consider replacement

Some fence materials may be difficult to match precisely to the original fencing. We often recommend starting from scratch if more than 20% of the fencing is lost. This not only provides a better aesthetic outcome but will ensure your fencing is safe for use long-term. Fencing that has been damaged and replaced in patches may be more susceptible to further damage. 

Contact FloriFence about repairs and installment

While a few splintered posts may be easy for you to fix on your own, we recommend calling in the professionals after major storm damage. You can save yourself time and hassle and ensure your fencing is safely repaired. FloriFence also offers affordable installation services if you need to replace your fencing entirely. 

FloriFence empathizes with home and business owners who lose their fencing to hurricanes. We have experienced this firsthand, and want to help you make the most of a difficult situation. To learn more about our fencing repair and replacement services, contact our offices today.

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