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What To Do If Your Fence Is Destroyed 

In Florida, we are experiencing a highly active hurricane season. Though we haven’t been hit with any disastrous storms yet, there are still several months of the season left for homeowners to prepare. Oftentimes exterior structures such as fencing are the first to go during a hurricane or tropical storm, which is why it’s important to know the steps to protect and repair your fencing if it is destroyed. 

The best way to prevent fence damage is to maintain your installation. Our fencing is able to withstand impact, high wind speeds, and potential water damage, but only if it is taken care of properly. By regularly cleaning, sealing, and lubricating your fence, you can prevent rust or water damage that leads to the weakening of the structures. You should also contact your FloriFence team if you notice minor warping or cracks because this can lead to greater damage down the road. 

If your fence is destroyed by something unavoidable, however, the first thing you should do is inspect the damage. You want to remove any potential hazards to your family or passersby including splintered wood, rusty nails, or other potential hazards that could cause injury. You also want to be able to provide a clear picture to your FLoriFence team on the phone as to the extent of the damage and how soon you need it repaired or replaced. 

Next, you and your contractor will need to determine whether you need to repair or replace the damaged fencing. Oftentimes in the case of hurricane damage, you’ll need to replace the fence entirely. The general rule of thumb is that if more than 20% of the fence is damaged, it will be more efficient to replace it. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis, so call for a consultation immediately. 

Once you’ve reviewed your options with a FloriFence contractor, you can begin the repair or new installation process. This could take up to several weeks depending on availability, so we encourage you to call immediately. 

While hurricane season is our biggest concern in Florida, you should be prepared for fencing repairs throughout the year. A car accident, fallen debris, or simply age can cause your fencing to fall over unexpectedly. Contact FloriFence today for more information on fencing repair. 

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