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What To Do If Your Dog Escapes The Fence

Dog owners are often very protective of their fur babies. They want to provide the best life for their pets, which includes many afternoons running free in the backyard. But, what happens if your dog enjoys their freedom too much, and manages to escape your protected fenced-in yard? For some dogs, this can become a recurring problem that needs to be fixed immediately. 

Dogs will dig under fencing for many reasons. Some crave the adventure (especially if they’ve succeeded before), while others are trying to get to something on the other side like a neighboring dog. In either instance, you need to prevent further escapes to ensure your dog does not run into roads or get lost. 

Below are three different methods to protect a dog that is prone to digging under the fence: 

  • Buy a tracker collar – Today, many tracker collars are available on the market that can help you locate an escaped dog from your smartphone or computer. They work like a GPS system that will keep track of your dog’s location, and can even alert you if they step outside a certain zone. 
  • Use dog deterrents around the fence line – Dogs have sensitive noses, and can often be deterred from the fence line with a few unpleasant odors. Cayenne pepper, ammonia, and vinegar can all deter dogs, but be careful as these can kill the grass and foliage around your fence line. 
  • Build a redundant or in-ground fence – If your dog is persistent, you may need to add a fence barrier either underground or add a redundant fence around your current fencing. Both options will discourage your dog from digging, as once they dig one hole, they’ll realize they have to dig another or go much deeper to escape. In many cases, this is enough to stop a dog from getting under your fence line. 

FloriFence can help you prevent dog escapes with the construction of redundant or underground fencing. We understand how important it is to keep your pets safe, which is why we offer a variety of pet-friendly fences for Tampa homes. If interested, give our offices a call today!

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