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What To Do If Your Aluminum Fence Bends

Aluminum fencing is built to stand the test of time. As one of the most popular metal fence options on the market, it is generally sturdy enough to last several decades with very little maintenance involved. However, accidents happen. Hurricane-force winds, collisions, and fallen trees can all cause your fence to bend, even if it is new and well-maintained. Before you decide to replace it, there are several options you have to fix it. 

If you have an aluminum fence that has bent, look into these three options for repair:

A leaning fence can be reinforced.

If your fence is leaning instead of bent, you may be able to reinforce it with concrete. This can help restabilize an aluminum fence that has moved from its original installation. This can happen due to soil changes, strong winds, or other changes in the environment that cause a fence to lean. By pouring concrete around select fence posts, you can straighten your fence without having to replace it. 

A small bend can be gently hammered back into place. 

If the bend in your fence posts is small, you may be able to gently correct them with a hammer. Aluminum is easily dented, however, so you want to take this approach with caution. Be very gentle as you tap the bend back into place, and if you see a dent forming, stop immediately. 

Damage in one area can be replaced without installing an entirely new fence. 

Sometimes fence damage cannot be easily repaired, but that doesn’t mean you need to replace the entirety of your fence. Start by calling FloriFence to see if a partial replacement is possible with the aluminum fencing you have. Oftentimes we can remove the damaged portion and match the replacement to your original installation if you had the work done with us. This is also a great solution for damage to gates and other standalone pieces of your fence. 

Fencing repairs don’t have to be tricky or expensive — contact FloriFence to see what we can do for you! Our installation specialists work hard to ensure your fencing will stand the test of time. If there is any way we can repair your aluminum fence before replacing it, we will happily do so.

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