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What To Do If Wild Animals Climb Over Your Fence

In Florida, we have some of the strangest wildlife of any of the southern states. Alligators, snakes, iguanas, raccoons, and possums are common in both rural and suburban areas, so it’s important that your home stay protected from unwanted guests. However, what do you do if the wildlife in your area is able to climb over your fence?

Raccoons, possums, and some reptiles may be able to climb over or squeeze through aluminum, wood, chain link, and even vinyl fencing. While some are more difficult to scale than others, no fence is fully impervious to Florida wildlife. If you’re worried about the safety of your yard from animal intruders, here’s what to do: 

Change your fence design

If you have an aluminum or short wooden fence, it may be too easy to climb for it to truly prevent wildlife from entering. You may have to build a taller, more solid, or sleeker fence to avoid animals getting a grip or easily squeezing between posts. 

Use pest preventatives

Some animals are highly sensitive to certain smells or skin irritants and will be easily deterred if you use them in your yard. Vinegar, cayenne pepper, and certain herbs can be planted or sprayed in the yard to create an unpleasant barrier between the wild and your gardens. 

Build security or redundant fencing. 

If you live near a nature preserve, body of water, or other natural environments, you may be worried about more dangerous wildlife such as alligators and snakes coming onto your property. In this case, a security fence or redundant fencing may be your best option, as these provide a more sturdy barrier against large animals. Redundant fencing adds a second layer of defense against wild animals, while security fencing can be made with electric shock or other preventative measures to ensure wild animals are deterred without being harmed. 

If you are looking for innovative fence options to keep wild animals at a safe distance, contact the FLoriFence team today! We can help you create a fence that meets both aesthetic and practical needs on a budget. 

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