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What to Do If Insurance Won’t Cover Your Fence Repair

Unfortunately, FloriFence has received many calls in the past year for fence repairs and remodels due to Hurricane Ian and other storm damage. The recent hurricane season has hurt many homes and families, and even though it has been several months since the destruction the amount of rebuilding left to do is extensive. 

One of the common issues we hear from homeowners is that their insurance doesn’t cover exterior repairs on things like fences. If you are fighting with insurance and need a new fence quicker than you can get covered we offer a few options: 

Only fence in one yard. 

Some homeowners don’t have the option to live without a fence for long periods of time. If you have pets, for example, they need a backyard to run around and exercise in, especially if they spend most of their time outdoors. If you can’t afford to replace your entire fence consider working on one section at a time until your insurance will cover a more permanent solution. 

Choose a low-cost temporary fence option. 

While we don’t typically recommend setting up a cheaper fence to save money, sometimes this is a better option than going without a fence for months at a time. If you can’t afford to replace your vinyl or wrought iron fence, opt for a more affordable fence such as wood or chain link. These are typically affordable immediately and can help you focus on the more extensive repairs to your home. 

Finance your fence installation. 

FloriFence offers financing options for all types of fence installations and repairs. If you don’t want to wait for insurance, contact us today to learn about your financing options with us or another lender. 

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