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What To Do If a Weed Whacker Damages Your Fence

In Florida, residential lawns often grow quickly in the summer and fall. The excess rain and long hours of summer make it easy for weeds to overpower your lawn, which makes weed eating essential around your fence line. However, this can be a dangerous task if you’re not careful. Weed whackers are incredibly powerful, and one wrong turn can permanently damage your fence. 

If you’ve damaged your fence with a weed whacker, there are several things you can do to repair it. Minor cuts and scrapes can often be painted over so they are not obvious. You can also use spackling for wooden fences if the damage is not too severe. However, if the weed eater damage is causing structural issues with the fence, your best course of action is to replace the damaged pieces. 

The best option of course is to avoid the damage altogether. If you are planning to mow and trim your lawn this weekend, here’s what you can do to protect your fence: 

  • Add a barrier between the fence and the grass – If you don’t want to have to trim right up to the edge of your fence, consider adding a barrier, such as gravel, stone, or shrubbery near the fence line. This will prevent grass from becoming overgrown and make it much easier to cut the lawn. 
  • Always use the machine barrier – Most weed eaters have a barrier to protect against accidental damage. Always face the barrier toward the fence so you have an extra layer of protection when trimming close to the edge. 
  • Take your time – Weed whacking may be tedious, but repairing or replacing the damaged fence is an even greater headache. Slow down while weed whacking and ensure you are getting clean margins whenever nearing the edge. 

FloriFence wants to ensure you get the greatest service life out of your fence, and that starts with proper care and maintenance of your new installation. To learn more about fence care, visit our blog or contact us for questions. 

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