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What To Do If a Car Damages Your Fence

Fences are built to last, but there are some damages even the best fence installation cannot protect against. One of those incidents is accidental damage done by a car. Whether you’re backing out in a hurry, or someone has a fender bender that happens to be in your alleyway, car damage is, unfortunately, a possibility for backyard and front yard fencing. 

If you damage your own fence with your car, the best option is to call the FloriFence team to set up a consultation and repair or replacement. However, what happens if someone else hits your fence? There are a few things you need to know in this scenario before you take action. 

What To Do If Someone Else Hits Your Fence

Perhaps you have a neighbor that parked too close to your fenceline, or someone had a car accident that unfortunately happened right year in your front yard. In either scenario, there are three steps you should take to ensure your fence is fixed at no cost to you: 

  • Take the driver’s information – Just like in a typical accident, you should exchange information with the driver if they are on the scene. If not, hopefully, they will leave their name and phone number to take care of the issue. This ensures that you and they can file an insurance claim and take care of the damages promptly. 
  • Take photos of the damage and find receipts from your fence installation (if possible) – Once you’ve talked with the driver, make sure to take photos of the damage, and retrieve any receipts of your fence installation if it was done recently. This can help you determine the value of the fence, as well as the severity of the damages. 
  • Submit your homeowner’s insurance claim – With all the information you need at hand, you can submit a homeowner’s insurance claim and start to work on your repairs. Fences are typically covered under the “other structures” section of your homeowner’s insurance, and will likely cover some or most of the cost to repair the fence in this circumstance. 

If you remain calm and take all the right steps, this issue can be solved within a matter of days. However, ensuring you gather all the right information is key to getting your fence repair covered by insurance. 

If you have a damaged fence and are looking for repair services, contact the FloriFence office today to receive a quote.

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