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What to Do About Trees Growing Too Close to the Fence-line

Trees often make a backyard more beautiful, but they can cause problems if you’re trying to fence in your property. Not only can trees cause uneven terrain or an uneven fenceline but they pose serious risks to your fence during hurricane season. If one is to fall down, your entire fence can be destroyed. 

If you want to keep your beautiful backyard trees but are concerned about your next fence project, here are some tips to aid in your fence design: 

Cut down what you can. 

While it is not ideal, sometimes you need to remove trees that are too close to the house or fence line. In Florida, this is not only an aesthetic choice but a safety one. Tree damage causes the biggest problem for homeowners during hurricane season, which is why you should never take chances with tree placement. 

Trim and prune trees frequently. 

If a smaller tree overhangs your fence or is brushing up against it, you can trim it down to minimize the impact on your new fence. Like with any landscaping, tree branches should be kept a minimum of one foot away from touching the fence to prevent scratches, staining, and other fence issues. 

If you notice new growth cut it down immediately. 

It is much easier (and much less expensive) to cut down trees and shrubs when they are just beginning to grow rather than when they have reached a good size. Oftentimes, after a major hurricane, smaller trees will begin to grow all over yards as the seeds are redistributed from all over the area. If you notice small sprouts beginning to grow in your yard after Hurricane Ian it is best to mow them or uproot them to prevent larger trees from growing right along your fence. 

If you’re interested in options for building your fence with trees in the backyard contact FloriFence to schedule a consultation. 

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