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What To Do About Dogs Who Escape Your Fence

We all want our furry friends to be able to enjoy the outdoors. That is why many dog owners fence in their yards to provide a safe play area for their pets. By adding a fence to your property, your dog can exercise and enjoy the Florida sunshine without constant supervision. However, not all dogs play by the rules when it comes to the backyard. Many will try to escape every once in a while, which leads to a great deal of stress for you. 

If your dog is escaping your fence, try these methods for keeping them in:

Digging under the fence

Most dogs who escape a fence do so by digging underneath. This is very common for chain link and wooden fencing, as there is nothing underneath the ground to prevent a dog from scratching beneath the surface and tunneling to the other side. If this is a concern for you, ask your FloriFence team to dig a trench and build the fencing into the ground. A layer of concrete will keep the fence posts in place and can deter your dog from digging underneath. 

Jumping over the fence

While this is far less common, some athletic breeds such as German Shepherds and Huskies will climb or jump over fences to chase squirrels or meet and greet with other neighborhood dogs. Since residential have restrictions on height for fencing, your best bet is to either change your planned fencing project’s material or choose a topper that will deter them from jumping. 

Vinyl and aluminum are much more difficult to climb, and certain decorative toppers can be pointy enough to deter climbing without being dangerous to your pets or people. Talk to FloriFence about these different options if you have a climber or jumper. 

Chewing through the fence

We have heard cases of dogs who chew so much that they begin nibbling on wooden fences. This is very dangerous not only because of the likelihood of swallowing a splinter but because your dog may cause damage to your fence, making it easy for them to escape. If this is happening with your pup, you may try a pet-friendly bitter spray or install an aluminum or vinyl fence, which is much less likely to splinter or crack when chewed. Combined, these methods can keep your fence and your pet safe. 

Squeezing through the fence

You may have never heard of this one, but some dogs can and will squeeze through chain link fencing if the chain links are not fully connected due to damage or deterioration. You may notice small gaps in your chain link where one panel intersects with another — if your dog is escaping and you can’t figure out how, this might be the answer. To fix this, you’ll need to supervise your dog to see where they’re escaping, then repair the chain-link immediately.

FloriFence works with pet owners to build fencing solutions that will stand the test of time. We want your pets to be safe and have fun in their play areas, and will help you find solutions to keep them inside. To learn more about our services, contact FloriFence today!

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