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What should I look for when hiring a fence contractor?

Choosing a contractor for your home or business fencing project is the most critical step in the overall process. Without the right contractor, you’re unlikely to end up with a fence that suits your needs or that will stand the test of time. However, with so many options, It can be difficult to find the right team that you can trust.

Take time to review your contractor options before choosing your team. If you choose incorrectly, you could be facing weeks or frustration, missed deadlines, and disappointing work. However, if you choose wisely, your fencing project will be done in a timely manner and with professionalism.

Below are a few things we recommend you look for before hiring your fencing contractor:

Quality materials

The materials a contractor uses says a lot about the work they will do. If a contractor only offers cheap materials or a limited supply (such as only wood or chain link) you may want to talk to another company to get a full range of options. FloriFence offers a variety of fencing material to choose from, including wood, chain link, aluminum, vinyl, and other metals. We also offer powder coating options and source all of our materials from U.S. manufacturers.

Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are some of the most important indicators of quality contractors. Sites like Google and Facebook can help you find reviews, or you can simply ask the company you’re interviewing for testimonials from previous clients. However, you should always do independent research to ensure you find a reputable service.

Service guarantee

You should always choose a contractor that offers a service guarantee. Why is this so important? Because if your contractor doesn’t offer this, you have limited options for fixing shoddy installation or fencing that does not last after initial installation. Some contractors may take advantage of a property owner’s trust, and perform haphazard work without a service guarantee. At FloriFence, however, we offer a one-year service guarantee for all projects to ensure you’re satisfied with the job after it is completed.

FloriFence is a trusted contractor in the Tampa Bay region that can complete any fencing project you’ve set your mind to. Contact us today to learn more about our services and fencing options!

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