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What should I do if my fence has water damage?

As we enter Florida’s rainy season, your fence may experience water damage, particularly if your fence is in a low-lying area where water stagnates or takes a while to drain. Luckily, FloriFence can respond quickly to your maintenance and repair needs on a commercial or residential fence. There are some fences that are more protected against water damage than others, but we recognize that regardless of the fencing material you selected you want to keep your fence in top condition.

It stands to reason that wood fences are the most prone to water damage, especially if they haven’t been treated to resist moisture. If you haven’t taken steps to treat your wood fence, contact us today so we can assist you in time for storm season. The most common example of water damage is rot particularly near ground level. We encourage our customers to inspect wood fences regularly, including for for loose boards or rails in addition to rot. After a storm, look for standing water near your fence and drain it as soon as possible.

Chain link and other metal fences are also subject to rust after prolonged exposure to the elements. If your paint or coating chips, this exposes the metal underneath and expedites the development of rust. Just like with wood fences, make sure you check your fence regularly for rust, and contact FloriFence if you need a qualified fencing contractor to re-coat the metal. We can also help you replace any sections that have more severe damage.

Keep an eye on the integrity of your fence year-round, not just during storm season, to ensure it stays in excellent condition. If you need maintenance assistance, or to replace your residential or commercial fence, contact FloriFence today.

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