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What purpose will your fence serve, ornamental or security?

FloriFence’s products products for commercial properties serve many purposes: sometimes our fences secure the perimeter of a business, create a sound barrier, or increase privacy for customers and/or employees. Even if you don’t share any of these concerns, there is still a fencing option that is right for you, and FloriFence can help you select the best fencing product for your commercial property.

If you don’t need fencing for security purposes, ornamental or decorative fencing may add curb value and create a more aesthetically pleasing facade for customers or vendors. Some examples of ornamental fencing include picket fencing, wrought iron garden fence, or aluminum fencing, whereas wood and chain link fencing provide additional security. 

Best Uses for Ornamental Fencing

Commercial properties often select ornamental fencing to decorate the perimeter of their property. Ornamental fencing can be used around gardens, patios, courtyards, outdoor seating areas, or entrances and exits, for example. 

Best Uses for Security Fencing

If you want to keep people away from a particular part or all of your property, security fencing such as chain link fencing, galvanized metal fencing, or wood fencing is appropriate. These types of fencing can be used around warehouses, around the perimeter of your facility, around pools or any body of water, and around hazardous worksites. This is also the appropriate type of fencing to consider if your property is home to an attractive nuisance. Selecting the right gate for your security fence will also be of the utmost importance.

Let FloriFence help you select the right material for your home or business property. We specialize in commercial fencing including temporary fencing, security fencing, custom automatic gates, and more. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, contact us. 

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