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What is Fence Armor and Do I Need it for My Yard?

Most of our clients choose their fence material based on longevity. A vinyl or metal fence will often stand up for decades of wear and tear with no problem, but these options can be out of the price range for some households. Plus, no fence is fully protected from things like weed eaters, lawnmowers, and other potential backyard hazards.  

In some cases, we recommend fence armor to provide additional protection for a newly installed fence. This armor can protect your fence from termites, weed eaters, and so much more, and can be more affordable than reinstalling a new type of fence.  

What is fence armor? 

Fence armor is a type of galvanized steel plating that goes around a portion of your fence for protection. It is most commonly used around the bottoms of fence posts to protect against damage from lawnmowers, weed eaters, digging dogs, and some wildlife. While this is not used to cover entire fences, it can add a layer of protection to wood or vinyl fencing that keeps it looking new for longer.  

Do I need fence armor for my yard? 

Fence armor is not necessary for metal fencing as it is already protected from damage on its own. However, owners of vinyl and wood fencing may find benefits in using fence armor for the following circumstances:  

  • Dogs that scratch or dig at the bottom of the fence 
  • Fences becoming damaged due to weed whackers or lawnmowers 
  • Fences where raccoons, opossums, or other wildlife have scratched 
  • Fences at the bottom of a slope (as they are more susceptible to water damage after rain) 
  • Wooden fences 10+ years old (as they become less sturdy over time) 

Fence armor can help sustain the life of your fence and protect it from damage that is difficult to prevent otherwise. While we do not initially install fence armor for all fences, it can be a great addition to an older fence that needs a little TLC after years of wear and tear.  

To learn more about fencing accessories and upgrade options, contact the FloriFence office today! 

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