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What is Double-Picket Fencing?

Everyone knows what the classic picket fence looks like It is one of the most American styles on the market today, and is very popular for front yard and garden fencing. Its lower height and decorative style make it an ideal ornamental fence that can still keep children and pets within the confines of your yard. However, a slightly more modern style is emerging on the market that may be our most popular trend in 2023.

Double picket fencing is a style that layers picket-style rails in order to create a more solid fenceline. This combines the best of both worlds – the privacy of a solid fence with the texture of pickets – into one style.

Aluminum double-pickets are designed to have a separate topper on the fence to add additional texture and style to the fence. While these don’t have a double layer, they appear more ornate than a traditional picketed aluminum fence. Double-picket aluminum is common for front yard fencing and garden trellises where visibility and aesthetic appeal of the fence are important.

Wooden double-picket fences are more commonly used for privacy fencing as they create a window effect that blocks visibility. They are more visually interesting than traditional privacy fences but do the same job. These are typically installed in one piece, but a traditional picket fence can be transformed into a double picket in order to enhance privacy on a property or to minimize signs of wear.

Double picket fencing is sometimes called “shadow box” fencing or ornamental picket fencing. It is becoming more popular in suburban and urban areas and can be a great addition to your front or backyard. This type of fence style can also be customized with gates, toppers, and custom colors to further stylize your yard’s hardscape.

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