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What Is A “Good Neighbor” Fence

When building a new fence for your property, there is unspoken etiquette most residents try to follow. Whether it is enforced by your HOA or simply used as a common courtesy, the concept of the “good neighbor fence” has been used for decades to create uniformity throughout neighborhoods and ensure new construction does not upset those who share a boundary line with you. 

What is a “good neighbor fence?”

A good neighbor fence is the fence shared between you and your neighbors. Because this fence offers benefits to both of you, it is often a project you can go in 50/50 with the other property owner(s). However, even if your neighbor does not agree to split the cost of your fence, you can still build one as long as it follows certain rules of etiquette. A good neighbor fence should:

  • Have the posts on your side of the property (or you can build a modern “good neighbor fence” that does not have any posts showing at all)
  • Stay within the bounds of your property unless you are sharing the cost of construction
  • Meet HOA guidelines or match any fence style your neighbor has previously installed

While these are not hard and fast rules, following them will ensure your relationship with neighbors is amicable and that you can both benefit from the construction of your new fence. 

A Good Neighbor Fence with No Posts

Some good neighbor fences can be built without any protruding fence posts, so neither of you has to compromise on the aesthetics within your yard. These fence types are ideal for suburban neighborhoods where houses are close together. A good neighbor fence without any protruding posts is also a great option if you are sharing the cost of the fence so that neither party receives disproportionate value for the same cost of construction. 

How To Talk To Your Neighbor About Building A Fence Together

If you currently do not have a boundary fence, or if yours has recently been damaged, don’t be shy to ask about going in 50/50 on new fence construction. Fences can improve property value as well as the practicality of the yard for children and pets. Plus, they add a level of privacy for both of you that can be comforting in suburban areas. Be mindful to: 

  • Take financial burdens into consideration. Don’t ask your neighbor to pay for 50% of an expensive, highly decorative fence if they do not have the same interests or budget. 
  • Plan the design and layout of the fence together to ensure you both receive benefits that work for your home.
  • Ask well in advance so your neighbor has time to consider what they want and how much they can afford to pitch in. 

A good neighbor fence can improve your and your neighbor’s property if planned well in advance. To learn more about building in residential areas, give your local FloriFence a call today!

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