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What Fencing Is Right For Me?

When customers come to FloriFence, most often they want to build a custom fence design to help them enhance the curb appeal of their home. We offer several different fence material options, as well as hundreds of different ways to customize them with colors, trim, toppers, gates, and more. Because of the options we provide, many customers aren’t sure where to start with their fence design. 

When we have consultations with customers, we often start with these five basic questions to help them narrow down their options for fencing: 

What is your fence for? 

This is an obvious question, but is often overlooked when customers are looking at fence options. They may fall in love with the look of a particular fence, but if it doesn’t serve your practical purpose, it does you no good. Make sure you think about the function of your fence (security, privacy, enhancing safety for kids, etc.) before you fall in love with one fence option. 

What style is your home?

Some home styles call for a specific fence look, or else your new installation will look out of place. For example, a bright white vinyl privacy fence may not look right with your rustic cottage or cabin home. In contrast, a modern urban townhome may need something sleeker than wooden split rail fencing in order to fit with the rest of the neighborhood. 

What is your backyard like? 

The landscaping of your backyard plays a big role in which fencing option will last the longest for your property. If you have a lot of greenery and a big garden, you’ll want something strong that can protect the yard and not get overgrown. Or, if you’re on the waterfront, a water-resistant fence is a must. 

What about this project is most important to your family?

Fencing is about more than aesthetic appeal. It is often installed to make backyard parties more private, to make space for young children to play, or to keep pets safe while they run in the yard. Before choosing a fence style, talk to everyone in the household to find out what’s most important to them to achieve with your new installation. 

What is your budget?

While we don’t recommend you skimp on a permanent installation to save money, budgeting is critical in ensuring you’re happy with your end result. There are plenty of affordable and quality fence options at FloriFence and we can help you find the one that’s right for your home. 

If you’re interested in discussing which fence design, material, and gate options are best for you, call us today to schedule an in-depth consultation. 

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