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What Fences Do And Don’t Work on the Waterfront

In Tampa, Florida, we do plenty of fencing installations on the waterfront. Whether a homeowner wants to create a safer yard for their kids or a business owner wants to ensure safety near the water’s edge, fencing on waterfront properties is more popular than one might think. However, not all fencing types are recommended for waterfront properties. 

When building a fence on the waterfront, you need to consider these three factors: 

  • Height
  • Material
  • Proximity to the shore

The height of your waterfront fencing is restricted to four feet or lower, according to Hillsborough County and many other local ordinances. However, we wouldn’t recommend going any higher, without the local laws. One of the biggest advantages to waterfront property is the view, and building a tall fence that blocks such a view can hurt your property’s value. Unless you have a commercial property that requires a high fence line, we recommend four feet or lower for almost any fence construction project. 

You have more options when selecting the material of your waterfront fence. However, there are certain selections that won’t last as long as others. Wood fencing is particularly susceptible to wind and water damage, and will eventually look weathered. If you like the look of old fencing on a sandy property, this may not be an issue for you. However, we recommend vinyl or aluminum fencing if you have a grassy yard to ensure your fence looks as nice as your property. Wrought iron and some other types of metal may also become weathered due to wind and water, so be sure to consult with your FloriFence contractor about options that will work best for your property. 

Your fence’s proximity to the shoreline will determine what materials and what foundation is needed in order to ensure a long-lasting installation. Sandy soils make it more difficult to install a straight fence line. Therefore, concrete or other type of foundational material may be needed to keep the fence posts standing. Exposure to salty water can also limit your material choices.  

In general, we recommend short vinyl fencing or aluminum, as this offers the best view while still providing some security and privacy for your waterfront property. Aluminum is best for keeping kids and pets safe within the yard, while vinyl works well for protecting gardens and keeping wildlife out. Chain link and wood can also be used, but they are not as popular for aesthetic appeal. However, FloriFence can customize any fence to ensure it works for your waterfront property. 

To learn more about your options or to schedule a consultation with our contractors, give FloriFence a call today!

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