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What Can Damage A Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fencing is incredibly popular among FloriFence customers, and for good reason. This versatile fencing option is one of the most durable on the market. It is virtually waterproof, rust-proof, and will last for 20+ years if taken care of properly. With advancements in PVC technology, vinyl fencing has never looked better or lasted longer than it does now. However, like with any outdoor hardscape, there are some risks of damage that you should be aware of in order to avoid them. 

Below are the four most common causes of vinyl fence damage, and how to easily avoid them:


Bleach is a common chemical found in cleaning products and may seem safe to use on a white vinyl fence. However, we highly recommend staying away from any bleaching product on your fencing because it can cause corrosion or yellowing if used on vinyl. Vinyl fences with a color powder coating should never come into contact with bleach as it will cause the color to fade as well. If your fence has stains, use a gentle cleanser or a magic eraser to remove it instead. 

String trimmers

We advise homeowners to use caution with their string trimmers around the fence because they can cause damage very easily. If you get too close and brush up against the vinyl, it is likely that you will cut off or badly scratch the fencing. To hide the untrimmed edges, it’s best to grow border plants by your fencing. 


Vinyl fencing is very strong, and can typically hold up to high wind speeds. However, the Florida coast is a dangerous place due to the hurricane season, and some vinyl fencing will not stand up to hurricane-force winds. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this, but FloriFence goes out of our way to provide a quality installation that can stand up to high winds and rains better than most. 

Falling debris

Like the high winds, falling debris is a potential hazard for fencing during hurricane season. The best way to prevent this type of damage is to remove any hazards from your yard that could cause damage to your fence. Be sure to trim dead tree limbs and secure patio furniture before a major hurricane. 

FloriFence works hard to provide you with a stylish, lifetime-durable vinyl fence for your home. If you have more questions about vinyl fencing, contact our offices today. 

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