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What are the most common fence repairs after hurricanes?

The height of Florida’s storm season is upon us. Tampa Bay has been fortunate to escape severe damage for many years but as storms become increasingly strong, we can anticipate more property damage as a result. With more than 25 years of history in the region, FloriFence has experience making repairs after storms affect the area – here are some of the most common fence repairs we make:

  • Uprooted posts: The strong winds of a hurricane can easily uproot fence posts, so make sure your posts are properly anchored before a storm is approaching.  You can do this by driving them deeper into the ground or by using concrete footings.
  • Broken rails and leaking boards: The force of the wind can break fence rails, leaving gaps in the fence to expose property you intended to be shielded by the fence, or allowing pets to escape. The wind can also tear boards off of fences, loff holes that can let water in.
  • Displaced and damaged gates: The gates on fences can also be displaced or damaged by the wind. This can either impede access to your property or open your property up to unwelcome visitors if the gates are difficult to open or close.

You can take a few preventative steps to minimize the likelihood that your fence or gate will be damaged. For example, take care to trim back trees and shrubs that are close to your fence; they can act as windbreaks and can damage the fence during a hurricane. Additionally, by securing your gates, you can prevent damage there as well. Even if the gates and fences remain functional, you may want aesthetic damage to your fence to be repaired quickly. Make sure you inspect your fence regularly, including after inclement weather. Look for any damage and contact FloriFence to make repairs as needed.

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